Franchise Information

Franchise Information

Naresy International Education Consultant bergerak di bidang konsultasi pendidikan ke luar negeri. Saat ini, NIEC menguasai pasar student yang berencana untuk melanjutkan sekolahnya ke Australia dan New Zealand.

Pelayanan yang kita berikan dalam proses untuk melanjutkan pendidikan ke luar negeri adalah:

•  Konsultasi Pendidikan

•  Translate Documents

•  Pengurusan Student Visa

•  Pengurusan Keberangkatan (FLIGHT)

•  Pengurusan Tempat Tinggal

•  Pengurusan Tourist Visa

•  Pengurusan Permanent Resident (PR)



Target Market NIEC adalah:

•  Siswa SMU

•  Profesional muda yang ingin melanjutkan kuliah atau karir di luar negri



Business Education Consultant sangat berkembang saat ini. Jasa ini akan semakin dibutuhkan seiring dengan kesadaran penduduk Indonesia untuk mencari pendidikan, pengalaman kerja serta pendapatan yang lebih baik daripada yang sudah mereka dapatkan atau tersedia di dalam negeri. 



A. Royalti Fee (first year only) : IDR 100,000,000.-

B. Biaya investasi lainnya : IDR 87,000,000.-/year

C. Profit share 75% – 25%

D. Target laba bersih IDR 185,000,000.- / tahun (approximately)


Keterangan lebih lanjut hubungi :


Alamat : Jl. Tukad Badung II Ruko No. A-2 Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Telp : +62 – 361 – 8234 788 

Email : 

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fanny hoo Hi world my name is Fanny and I’d like to share some of my opinion about living in Perth and having a very fantastic life and education here, and of course a loooooot of friends from all over the world! Perth is a very great place to study, even a great place to work. as a student, of course my priority is studying. I find it’s all amazing here, the lesson, the lecturer and even the shcedule :p

I’ve got several days off but I get a lot of assessments and too much task, even if so, you should’ve decided which path to go, whether you can pass the units or you fail and going back without any precious things and experiences you got here. Besides studying, you can also do a part-time job to help your parents covering the living cost here. to be honest, Perth is one of the most expensive city in the world to live in, but believe me, you would be able to cover them all by yourself, even your tuition fee! but it would be happen if only you do have a willing to live a real life, not just an ordinary life like the others who can ask for money easily and live in a comfort zone, aahh thats too common guys! come here and I’ll welcome you to the jungle do not afraid, do not worry, all you have to do is making your parents proud of you.

NIEC is the best Consultant i found from all over the wolrd, I’ll make sure that you won’t find any agents just like NIEC, They’re the pathway of your destiny.

Fanny Devy Pramono Hoo